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How to Tan Faster in a Tanning Bed?

Get that gorgeous tan with a tanning bed People with a pale complexion often yearn for that bronze tan during the summers. Getting an even tan from the sun is something which we all know is not possible. This is the reason why a tanning bed comes

How to Get Tan Fast?

Are you in search of 10 most excellent ways to get a natural and dark tan? If it’s a ‘yes’, then we can provide you with the beautiful tips easier than before. The collection of safe and reliable ways is right here. Tanning is the process when

Home Tanning Beds Comparison

Tanning beds have become very popular over the last couple of decades. Going to the tanning salon instead of spending a long time out in the heat, the fast results and the privacy that requires no clothing makes the tanning bed a more preferred solution when trying

The Best Tanning Lotion For Fair Skin

Don’t we just all love lying in the sun or a tanning bed; that great feeling of warmth caressing our skin? Relaxing… For most people, sun bathing or indoor tanning is a very enjoyable experience. For the ones among us with pale skin, this wonderful experience can

How To Remove Spray Tan

If you are unhappy about your spray tan or bored with it, it probably has to go. Whether you want to get rid of your fading spray tan or remove it before you come to your job interview, the solution is easier than you may think. Spray

How long does a spray tan last?

If you want to give your skin a healthy tan, but are afraid of the harm UV rays may do to you, there is an alternative solution – literally. Fake tan is a spray solution that creates a fine, sun-kissed shade once applied to the skin. How

The Best Indoor Tanning Lotions – We found them for you

We all love the perfect tan… that wonderful luminous-caramel tone which makes us feel beautiful, look “outdoors-ey” and  athletic – and 10-pounds thinner! But few of us have the luxury of lounging at pool-side or flying away to some tropical, pearly-white beach to work on our bronze

What is the Best Self Tanner?

People are getting more and more aware of the risks that are involved in tanning using traditional methods. Whether from sunbathing or from tanning beds, the harsh UV rays can cause serious damages, if you do not take the right precautions. The threat of premature ageing of