Best Bronzer: Review of Designer Skin Bombshell Tanning Lotion

You’d be utterly amazed by the new Designer Skin Bombshell Tanning Lotion available in the market! The red coloured bottle with a silver cap has been proven to be as good in use equals with its appearance. The lotion contains White Tea extract, an excellent antioxidant, Soy which is a beneficial protein, CoQ10, also popularly known as extreme energy booster and antioxidant. So you can be pretty sure of less cell damage!

Tips to Consider While Choosing the Best Bronzer of 2016

Best Bronzer Designer Skin Bombshell Tanning Lotion


Yet, it has been highly recommended for avid tanners, and the beginners have been advised to avoid it or be careful while trying it because of it tingling and blazing effect!

While for the beginners, they can first try it out in a small area for any extreme burning sensation which starts about after 30 minutes or so.  If it suits, then they may try further. It is highly advised to stay away from touching any sensitive area or children during its use.

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This “ultra – extreme” ardent formula has been found to give significant tanning results within no time. Rated as 100XX Dark Tanning Bronzer, this lotion has an exclusive, exhilarating fragrance. If you are particular about the smell, then the Kiwi and Watermelon scent of this magic lotion won’t fail in exciting you!

The bottle weighs 13.5 ounces in the package and approximately 8 ounces alone. Having the dimensions 6 × 5 × 4 inches, it can fit exactly in your pocket making it handy! The volume is about 400 ml.

Designer Skin Bombshell Tanning Lotion is manufactured by the renowned company Designer Skin itself. This item has been presently restricted shipping within the United States only and is not eligible for International Shipping.

You may be delighted to know that the lotion dries soon on your skin, not taking even a minute making you warm. The tingling effect and tanning last for about 4 to 6 hours to an extent, or if you want to remove it sooner, you may help yourself with a refreshing shower.

The cream is quite smooth and not thick giving a very blending texture to your colour easily. The radiance of the bronzer comes out impressing enveloping you in sensuous pleasure.

If you are searching for a dark tanning lotion for yourself, then you are at the right place! It’s worth spending money as it leaves you with the effect preventing any damage without fail. But if you need just a base tan then this might disappoint you. A complete ‘no’ for fair complexion! Also, a ‘no’ for usage on the face as it has delicate blood vessels.

The Bronzer has been working wonderfully and has got the great response from almost all users. It does not give you a fake or a gritty look. Instead, makes your skin look sensuous and natural!

The package is available on several shopping sites as in Amazon and is being sold by several sellers. It arrives without delay within 2 to 3 working days. You can go for this product without any hesitation as it has been showing results to what it is supposed to do. The customers are satisfied with the product.

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