Best Designer Skin Tanning Lotion 2017

How Should You Choose the Best Designer Skin?

New to the market, in 2014, this tanning lotion has left its users spellbound on its very first use. Designer Skin Something Fierce- Bronzer is a thick crème. Unlike most of the other bronzers, it’s required less in quantity at a time. It serves the skin with a deep tan and mild smell; this particular bronzer can go in the top list of users who do not like odour much. A mild fragrance of tropical punch. The natural bronzer enriched in seaweed and black walnut has not failed in giving bold colour to the skin.

Highlighted Properties:

This 12.8 – ounce bottle infused with essential vitamins and extreme bronzing complex provides a low entry point for the designer skin line. It smells sweet like candy and does not stain the nails or other parts. But the product leaves a slight burning sensation so not at all recommended for use on sensitive areas. The lotion needs no scrubbing during its use. It gives a bold golden look to the skin, not leaving the skin orange. Even the tingling effect is slight or none.

The presence of hemp seeds having incredible antioxidant and anti – burning properties gives a plus point to the crème. Another plus point to this particular ingredient is that it leaves your skin with a younger look. The hemp seeds have anti ageing properties. Knowing this, I don’t think any of the purchasers would want to leave this product, a lotion which serves more than it’s purpose. A little amount gives an enchanting effect. The buyers have come up wanting more and more of this product.

Designer Skin SOMETHING FIERCE – Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion

Best Designer Skin Tanning Lotion

This lotion offers dimensions of 4.1×2×5.6 inches and it has impressed its users to a large extent. The manufacturer of the product, unlike most other Designer Skin product, is being produced by the renowned company New Sunshine. The item is restricted for shipping to some more selected cities apart from the United States. The product is available on online sites.

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The moisturizing blend with the skin colour makes the skin immensely golden and glowing. It does not streak. In fact, the work enhances in the UV light. Even after 2- 3 times usage, the product remains consistent in its working, only enhancing more and more each time. The rating of the product has gone well since its release. But the product is slightly strong. Hence an initial trial in a small region of the body is recommended to prevent any harsh or burning sensation. Though not much tingling has been experienced, yet necessary measures are advised.

The product is good, average in use with the anti- ageing properties adding up to its pros. It is like any other bronzer, working well and will not upset you if you purchase it. So, you can go for it without any second thought. The price isn’t too much either. Since the product belongs to a well – known company Designer Skin, you can put your trust on it.

Not very fierce as its name suggests, but it has been giving rich- deep golden colour to the skin tone. If you are fair skinned, think before using it because it really tans dark!

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