Dancing With The Stars Self-Tanning Airbrush Spray (Review)

 The last thing you want is to discover your self-tanning spray has duped you with an orange look instead of a bronze glow! We’ve all been conned by those so called self-tanners out there, right? Nothing is more regretful than trying to do the right thing by averting the sun and applying a self- tanner gel, lotion or spray, only to end up with streaky legs, dark elbows, and orange palms!

So, what should you do? How can you get a tan the way celebrities on TV do?  Among the widespread pool of self-tanners, a few good ones really exist that will help you get your flawless  look.

Here’s a review of Dancing With The Stars Performance Self-Tanning Airbrush Spray liked by Sadie Robertson and Lea Thompson

About Dancing With The Stars Performance Self-Tanning Airbrush Spray

Norvell, a company operating approximately 20 years in the beauty and self-tanning industry, is the manufacturer of Dancing With The Stars Performance Self-Tanning Airbrush Spray. The company is also partnering with American Broadcasting Company (ABC) on the same name dance competition series “Dancing with the Stars”.

The product contains the same formula applied in top quality shampoos to reduce the harshness as well as uses a unique mix of bronzer tints to counter the unexpected orange tones. Its innovative DHA Odor Encapsulation molecules ‘entrap’ and effectively remove the infamous odor coming out from the typical self-tanners.

The spray is manufactured in the USA and comes in a 7 fl.oz can. If you use the product on the full body, you will be able to get 3 or 4 applications out of each can.

Is Dancing With The Stars Performance Self-Tanning Airbrush Spray suitable for your skin tone?

The tan spray is suitable for both women and men and all kinds of skin tone including the sensitive types.  However, you should use Endurance Color Boosting Skin Perfector to preserve and prolong your bronze glow.


  • The airbrush spray will give you an instant tanned look. The bronze glow typically last from 5 day to 7 days based on your skin type and activities you do.
  • You can use it on your face just like a lotion and it works fine.
  • The spray’s natural Enzymes mend weak, dry skin and help increase the body’s own moisture level.
  • Both Men and Women can use the product. Suitable for all skin types.


  • If you put on clothes immediately after the spray, it may rub off on your clothes, cuffs, collars. You have to give it at least one hour to dry before getting dressed.
  • If you aren’t careful with the spray, you might end up spraying more bronzer than needed which will make the area darker.
  • You must exfoliate before using it. Without exfoliating, the product doesn’t work well

Tips for Perfect Use

Exfoliate yourself 24 hours before applying the product. Be careful about over application in areas like knees, elbows, hands, ankles and feet as those areas tend to absorb more moisture. Avoid shower, sweat or bathe for minimum 8 hours after you perform the spray. Do not get in chlorinated pools for at least 18-hours.

Take a shower after the holding period has passed. The bronzer will get washed away and your tan will get deeper in the following 24 hours and last for 5-7 days. If you have  fairer skin, you may need to apply the spray two or three times at an interval of 24 hours.

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