Review: Designer Skin Body Bronzer

Designer Skin Body Bronzer is Erythrulose, DHA, aloe, hemp, paraben and gluten-free. You can use it in its naked form, natural bronzers. This bronzer is infused with copper and melanink technology. Copper gives even color, naturally dark without Erythrulose and DHA. The innovative and revolutionary 3d protect technology promotes skin cell regeneration, locks in the moisture and instantly cleanses. It helps in creating the trifecta of healthy skin.

It is time to get bare and naked. Strip down to nothing at all but empty, beautiful and bronzed skin. This natural, hypoallergenic bronzer will give you a sultry glow which you have always dreamt of owning. With ideally blended shea butter and silk amino acids, you can get an irresistibly touchable and soft skin! What is this entire wait for then? Take it all off!

Product Details of Designer Skin Body Bronzer

Designer Skin Body Bronzer

The dimensions of Designer Skin body Bronzer, 13.5 fluid ounces, naked ambition, is 4.7 inches x 2.7 inches x 6.4 inches. The shipping weight of this Bronzer is 12.8 on Amazon. This item can be shipped anywhere in the United States. At the moment, the product can be shipped to only a few selected countries apart from US.

Common Customer Queries

If you’re looking for a self-tanning lotion which can help to even your skin due to having vitiligo, then here’s your answer- Most of the products that you would go for would simply try and error products. However, the California tan will be the perfect product for you. It makes a exquisite sunless spray. You get it in 3 different types- post spray, dark body wash and sunless spray. The smell of Designer Skin Body Bronzer is like a tropical suntan lotion.

Scent of Designer Skin Body Bronzer, Naked Ambition Body Lotion

This product is a favorite of so many people all around the world not only because it works wonder but also because it has a fruity, lightly tropical and a fresh smell. When you lay in the sun after applying this lotion, you do not smell like burnt popcorn. You’re going to love this lotion!

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It is quite hard to describe the scent since it is a very light smell. If you’re among those who do not like lotions that have a strong smell, you’re going to love this one! There are people who in fact prefer the body lotions which do not have any scent at all. But unfortunately, none like that exists! This lotion, however, has barely any smell. It feels really good. I, for myself, am very allergic to so many scents but this one is magnificent and pleasing. It makes the skin very smooth and hydrated!

The color of this lotion is very light. However, if you have bought the darker colored one, it is not fake per se. You need to keep in mind that this lotion is free of any additives and chemicals. Hence, the darker color that you’re seeing is probably the change in the color of just the bottle.

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