Millenium Tanning: Review of New Paint It Black Tanning Lotion

Tanning lotions are creams/lotions that help in indoor tanning. It promotes for an increased blood flow which leads to the bronze colored skin that is considered beautiful all over the world.

Millennium Tanning is one of the top rated tanning lotions in the world. It does the task of a bronzer without the tingle factor and orange or brown streak marks. It does not leave any bronzer residue after its application on the palms and works for both the male and female skin. It helps in an explicit jump off the tanning season like April. Millenium Tanning comes with a pleasant smell. Some claim it smells like vanilla whereas some other opinions convey that it smells like flowers. What matters is that it feels clean and fresh.

Pros of New Millenium Tanning Lotion

Millenium Tanning Lotion

The consistency of Millenium Tanning is that of an average lotion. Quite easy to handle. It is not very thick but not too liquid. The product does get you darker but not real quick. When other products take around six tan sessions outside in the sun, with this product you can get them in 4 sessions.

It is also important to note that Millenium Tanning does not work that well with a tanning oil. For best results, an SPF free product or no sunscreen at all while going outside is better.  Millenium Tanning was also noted to work better when left for 3-4 hours after tanning without washing it off. It does not cause streaks, but it is still risky to use it on the face. A good branded natural face bronzer with a shade that goes well is the best bit for the face.  Millenium Tanning also comes up with an inbuilt moisturizer that leaves the skin feeling smooth and glowy.

Funnily enough, this product makes you smell exactly of the smell it was when applying.  It does not last as long as it should for the price paid. It lasts maximum for 15 to 20 full body uses.  Even otherwise, considering the price we pay and taking into account the fact that it is, in fact, effective, the price of the product seems worth it.

Cons of New Millenium Tanning Lotion

On the negative aspects, the product sometimes stays overlong, and it takes a long time for the tan (or the orange color) to come off and make the skin look even. Sometimes, it even took around two days for the shade to wear off.  This is true when you have a very fair or pale or light skin. It is also known to have some itching effects, the eruption of red blotches, rashes around the lower stomach and leg areas for some skin types. For the majority of the people, though, Millenium tanning did not have any known side effects.

Final Verdict

Even if we take the case with any skin care product, it is better to give a try on the sample of Millenium tanning at a local store before spending fully on it. In short, it is understandable that the product effect varies depending on the skin types.

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