How to Tan Faster in a Tanning Bed?

Get that gorgeous tan with a tanning bed

People with a pale complexion often yearn for that bronze tan during the summers. Getting an even tan from the sun is something which we all know is not possible. This is the reason why a tanning bed comes in handy. Not only you get to tan your body at home, but you also get the perfect summer look.

Many people shun indoor sun tanning because of the convenience factor. Many people think that buying a sun tanning bed and getting the bronze look at home will take a lot of effort. This, however, is a misconception as tanning at home is pretty easy when you have the right apparatus. This article will try to clear all the misconceptions and will serve as a guide for tanning bed tips for beginners.

Feel the effect of tan in your local salons

If you want to stick to your local salons, then suit yourself. If you are confident about the credibility and quality of the local salon where you get the tan, then you should go for it. Moreover, these salons always have a free discount code in your mailers and promotions tab. If you keep an eye for these codes, then you can avail a huge discount.

How to Tan Faster in a Tanning Bed

Local salons are always generous with the pricing and other factors if you are a regular at their store. So, if you are opting for a local salon for getting the right tan, stick to the same one. Designer tans and special lotions can also be availed at the local salons as well.

A salon has all the right compounds in their sun tanning beds which will accelerate the tanning process of your skin.

Preparing for tanning

It is advisable to prepare your skin for the tanning process. In order to do this, you have to ensure that your skin is clean and has no dead layers of dirt or grime. Using mild water and soap to scrub or exfoliate your skin gently, it is something that you will have to do before every tanning session. This is how you will get the best tan possible. Once you have cleaned yourself, you will have to use a light moisturizer to ensure that your skin doesn’t feel dry. Always go for unscented lotions for moisturizing your skin.

The duration of a single tanning session

We are talking about tanning bed tips, and you don’t question the length of your tanning session?

That is not possible. So, when it comes to tanning, how much is too much? This is something which will depend on the level of your tanning process.

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If you have just started tanning your body, then ask the salon employee to help you decide the duration of your tanning. It is always better to start off with 10 minutes or so and then slowly work your way to 25 minutes. Never go for longer durations of tanning in one session as this could lead to severe burns or results in an unpleasant complexion.

When you are getting the tan and experience any unpleasant feeling, then stop right at that moment.

How to tan faster in a tanning bed?

Tanning Bed Tips

This is the ultimate question which everyone wants to be answered as soon as possible. By following the steps mentioned above, you will get the perfect tan. But there are certain steps which need to be guided after the tanning session.

First of all, never hop in a shower right after tanning. Wait for at least three to four hours before you take a bath. Even when you do go for bathing, using a skin moisturizer is recommended.

Taking the right precautions

  • Inside and outdoor tanning is equally harmful to your skin. It belongs to your choice whether you want to get the tan on your body in a tanning booth or outside in the sun. Whichever place you settle for, always take the right precautions and do not overdo your tanning sessions or there might be chances of skin cancer or burns.
  • Before you go for your tanning sessions, avoid any strong deodorants or robust soaps. These irritants can cause unpleasant rashes from the sun tanning bulbs.
  • Your genitals and nipples are extremely sensitive to heat and other radiations. This is the reason why they are always covered. So, when you go in for tanning, you should keep these parts of your body covered or else you will face severe burns. Even your armpits, for that matter, is extremely sensitive so use a small dab of moisturizer before you go in for a tanning session.
  • Every tanning salon has the right eyewear to protect your eyes from heat exposure. You can either buy these or use the ones that the tanning salon will provide you. Never go for a tanning session without a proper eyewear or else you will risk your eyesight.
  • Consult with your tanning salon if you are on any medication. In most cases, the medications can interfere with the tanning process, so it is advisable to ensure that you are taking a precaution beforehand.
  • An SPF 15 lip balm is also needed before you enter your tanning booth. Our lips don’t attract melanin so in most cases, there is a high risk of your lips becoming dry and chapped when you go for your tanning session.

Many people prefer going for bronzers instead of a proper tanning bed to get the tan. This is also a good way to get the tan. However, when you apply bronzer, you will have to research about these lotions to know which type will suit your skin. Also, you should be aware in what quantity you have to apply the bronzer.

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Bronzers will help you in bringing out the perfect golden brown tan. If you are looking for faster results, a bronzer should be top on your list among the tanning products. Always buy a high-end product for best results.

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